Serving Arizona

Since 2016

Another Level of Community Services

We believe our integrated Outpatient intensive Substance Abuse, Forensic Peer Support, Vocational rehabilitation and Residential care programs provide an outstanding opportunity to address the problem of re-entry, especially for those SMI clients with serious co-occurring and significant challenges in daily living.

Individuals will work with Certified Peer Support, Therapist, BHTs and other health care Specialists who have special training. These Specialists all have lived experience and are on an affirmative road to recovery. On staff, we have licensed Clinical Social Workers and Substance Abuse Counselors, which will be providing groups and individual services as needed.

Our Specialized Services

Our primary goals are to transfuse empowerment, social connectivity, and a sense of hope in our members, while simultaneously working closely in cooperation with DHS, other health care and social service providers, the courts, jails and prisons, to bring about positive outcomes for our members. Following is a list of services we plan to implement:

  • Ongoing education in Anger Management and Domestic Violence
  • 12 Step Substance Abuse Program
  • Sexual Abuse Education
  • Crime Stoppers/Shoplifting/Trespassing and programs to decrease crime and recidivism
  • Case Management and Intensive Supervision
  • Re-entry Programs, prior to release
  • Peer Support Training course inside jails/prisons
  • Community re-entry programs—Life Skills/Education Programs
  • Vocational Rehab and Work Development Programs-Business Incubators
  • Forensic Peer Support
  • Long-Term Recovery Programs, addressing multiple domains of function
  • Passion-Development, Arts and Music Education Groups and Classes
  • Socialization Activities to provide fun, recreation and community connections
  • Short term transitional housing services